In response to the COVID-19 pandemic a security protocol to increase the safety and health protection of employees and guests of the hotel has been implemented.
All rules are following the recommendations of the Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Poland.

Ensuring safety of employees
1. Setting tasks to increase the distance between workers, limiting the number of workers staying in the same place at the same time.
2. Providing staff with personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, and hand disinfectants.
3. Training workers in current procedures and recommended protective measures, such as correct and frequent hand washing, wearing masks, maintaining a social distance, keeping the workplace tidy and hygienic, disinfecting tactile surfaces, regular ventilation, and avoiding travel by public transport whenever possible. Instruction on how to behave in case of distressing symptoms both for oneself and others in the hotel.
4. Telephone numbers of sanitary/epidemiological stations, medical services are prominently displayed and easily accessible.

Ensuring safety in the hotel
1. Determining the level of utilization of places in accordance with the applicable limits.
2. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available to guests, especially at entrances to the facility, reception area, lift entrances, food service areas, and restroom exits.
3. The possibility of purchasing protective masks and hand disinfectants at the reception desk.
4. Information is posted in prominent places reminding people to wear masks, to disinfect their hands, and to keep a social distance.
5. Prominently displayed instructions on how to wash hands, remove and put on gloves, remove and put on masks, and at disinfectant dispensers, instructions on how to properly disinfect hands, remove and put on gloves and masks.
6. Limiting the time a visitor spends at the reception desk and ensuring that the reception hall is organised in such a way that a social distance of at least 1.5 m is maintained between persons.
7. Regularly disinfecting general toilets, lifts, reception desk (after each visitor), doorknobs, handrails, handles, telephones, computer keyboards, equipment in social rooms, and other frequently touched surfaces.
8. Regular ventilation of public areas.
9. To limit cleaning of the rooms during the stay of the guests, only upon request.
10. Routine cleaning of the room after each guest, disinfecting all touchable surfaces and thoroughly ventilating the room.

Useful information
1. If your health deteriorates call 999 or 112 or the National Health Service helpline 800 190 590 and inform them of the possibility of coronavirus infection.
2. Up-to-date information from the Chief Sanitary Inspector and the Minister of Health is available at  or


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